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Today is:
year 4512 Now is:
Meheki Yerezkan Lousni Gizkan
month day day of the week hour

What does this mean?

Welcome to the website devoted to Ancient Armenian Calendar!

It is time to show the Ancient Armenian Calendar which comes from ancient ages to the world. Calendar was created more than 4500 years ago and is one of the most ancient in the world, which once more witnesses about the long history of the Armenian nation. Calendar uses original names for months, days, days of the week and hours which gives it a particular national flavor. We hope that this website will allow the Ancient Armenian Calendar to gain worldwide recognition and popularity along with such calendars as Aztec or Jacobian.

On HayTomar.Com you can get information about the history and system of Ancient Armenian Calendar, ancient Armenian holidays, convert gregorian dates to Ancient Armenian Calendar. You can also put a special ticker on your website, blog or in a forum signature, that will display current date in the Ancient Armenian Calendar.

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